HashLink Debugger in VSCode stopped working

TLDR version:

If you’re having problem with Hashlink Debugger suddenly stopped working, it could be an update to VS Code that broke things. Try downgrading to the previous version.

I use Lime and compile to the HashLink target, and use HashLink Debugger to debug.

A couple days ago I started getting errors when trying to build anything, with an error:

“Couldn’t connect on”

This turned out to be a problem with an update to VS Code version 1.82 breaking some communication with Lime and/or the Haxe compilation server.

I fixed this temporarily by disabling the compilation server, and the Lime extension was updated to fix this fairly quickly as per this issue:

After the Lime extension fixed the build problem, I noticed I was still unable to debug my code using Hashlink Debugger. My guess is that Hashlink Debugger needs to apply a fix similar to Lime to fix connection issues.

My fix was to downgrade to VS Code to 1.81 and disable auto updates.

Its fixed in the latest update of the vshaxe extension.