HashLink basic question

To make sure I understand this correctly, there’s two ways to use HashLink:

  1. “HL/JIT”: use haxe -hl output.hl, where output.hl is HashLink bytecode, to be run on the HashLink VM.

  2. “HL/C”: use haxe -hl out/main.c, where the haxe hl target sees that the target filename ends in “.c” and so it generates C code instead of HashLink bytecode. Then you compile main.c with GCC (or some other C compiler). The HashLink VM is not involved in “HL/C”, correct?

I note that the “HashLink target” is part of the Haxe compiler (like the other targets), and that this is distinct from the actual HashLink VM.

Is that all correct?


That is correct, also they both have the same runtime:

Got it! Thanks, Valentin!