Handling browser resize event when resize ends

My application is based on FeathersUI.Applications and target for HTML5.

I was trying to catch browser resize event with Event.RESIZE - that does triggers when browser window resizes, but it fires continuously until the resize completes.

What option do I have to catch event when resizing completes?
Please, suggest.

I’m not sure there are enough people in here to help you with your FeathersUI problem(s). my suggestion would be to go to https://feathersui.com/community and pick a place more frequented by fellow FeathersUI developers.

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By default, a Feathers UI Application resizes based on the OpenFL stage’s Event.RESIZE. For the html5 target, that’s ultimately based on the “resize” event dispatched by the browser in JavaScript. There doesn’t appear to be a separate event to detect in JS when a browser window has completed resizing. The advice I saw with a quick Google search was to use a timer or something to wait bit after each “resize” event. If there isn’t another “resize” event dispatched within a certain amount of time, consider the resizing to be complete.