GraalVM target?

I wonder if GraalVM would be a good addition as a new target for Haxe?

If the Truffle Language Implementation Framework is used, the Haxe code can be implemented to run in GraalVM. ( Truffle Language Implementation Framework)

This would allow Python, JS, Java libraries to be used directly at the same time in Haxe .

Also this would allow to compile directly to native with Native Image, for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS ( Building Multiplatform Mobile Apps With GraalVM Native Image ) for mobile development.

Example of php implementation

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Haxe already compiles to the JVM and can be loaded by GraaVM. It also works with GraalVM’s native compilation features.

If you look at the polyglot examples with Java it’ll probably work very similarly with Haxe, I haven’t tested that feature of GraalVM though.