Got any clue of a VERY light-weight haxe/Flash UI library?

(Eric Bishton) #21

Sweet! I’ll check it out and update the article.

(Arnim) #22

Thanks for your reply, Eric.

Kind regards

(Mike Robinson) #23

And to me, “OpenFL is a package meant for a specific purpose.” It’s not “general.” If you need what it does, it sure does it: it’s a fantastic enabling-technology for “building the sort of application that it was built to help you build.” But, if you simply need “a lightweight application written in Haxe with a GUI,” it might not be called-for at all.

(Kyliathy) #24

Exactly :slight_smile:. Which is why I’m happily using a very simple library. I will not be maintaining the Flash target other than to prove that my engine works with whatever graphical engine. (I’m writing a game LOGIC engine)

(Mike Robinson) #25

And it’s very, very nice that Haxe and its very rich library of contributed software gives you that choice.