Github haxe-js organization

Recently @elsassph asked who is squatting

You guessed it: it’s me!

But why?
I think it started with the discussion on
And is somewhat related to my efforts to create community driven JavaScript documentation.
I thought it would be a great if there is one place that helps you on you way with Haxe and Javascript.

I also notice that devs in general try to reinvent the wheel, which makes it difficult for less experienced developers to choose which externs to use

For example, vue haxe will give you 6 possible repositories on github, electron haxe will give you 3 options.

I wanted to make that decision easier and perhaps focus effort on one repository and help with documentation

So the haxe-js organization would have a website with

  • general information about haxe and Js
  • list of projects created with haxe and js
  • list of good externs
  • documentation about haxe and js
  • list of haxe developers you can contact
  • … other clever stuff people need to get started

anyhow… this never happened
because …

lets discuss

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While the intention sound good, I don’t think forking every repository is doing any help.

What you are describing is commonly done with a single repository having a file called “awesome-{something}”. You could create one called awesome-haxe-js and gather everything that will help people work with javascript and not reinvent the wheel as you mentioned. You don’t need to fork repository (and should not in that case), instead you can just link to the original repos on a nicely curated list.

If you need examples of how these “awesome-something” repositories are done, just look at this Curated list of awesome lists :nerd_face:

I agree the forking was not the best idea…

And the awesome-whatever is a good idea.

… but…

I like for example the Openfl website: although it’s Haxe, it’s not the same.

I want to convince JS-devs. And sending them to doesn’t help.
Especially because the specific information about Javascript isn’t there.

So I want to answer an other question: “I use javascript, I like it, so how can Haxe help!”

In my vision the website should answer questions from a specific group (javascript developers).
Guide them into Haxe with a lot of help.

A awesome-list is more like “I have a lot of links for you, have fun”

Right so first step I think would be to drop the forks - it doesn’t do any good.

I would like to move Modular and Webpack Loader for instance.

I have started rewriting parts of @matthijskamstra’s haxe-js website - it could be a starting point for a website to send people to.


Fine if you think the awesome-list is not what you want. Anyway, having a place for haxe focused on the javascript world is definitely a good idea :+1:

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I like the idea of an awesome-haxe-js.

And yes it really should be about “What do you want to achieve?” Goal → Solution(s)

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@jasononeil what do you think?

@matthijskamstra would you give Jason and myself sufficient rights to this org to transfer repos while retaining ownership?

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@matthijskamstra I’m suggesting to rework your haxejs website and proposing a serious tone rewrite to make it a more engaging / less ranting haxe-js dedicated website: Neutral tone by elsassph · Pull Request #24 · MatthijsKamstra/haxejs · GitHub

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and I am already becoming a better person without ranting… in documentation !

Can’t thank you enough!

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I’m looking up uses of Haxe JS in the wild (PublicWWW - and it looks like many don’t bother with minifying the compiler output - worth having a section about going to production…

I can’t see what the url does, but I think you are correct.
Because I am also not doing that. (and no idea how to start that)

But still a good idea :smiley:

@jeremyfa a very rough start GitHub - MatthijsKamstra/awesome-haxe-js: Useful resources for Haxe JavaScript.