Get going with Aggx - Haxe port of Antigrain Geometry Library

The guys at GameDuell (Sven Dens, Dejan Dragic and others) did a great job some years ago porting the Antigrain Geometry Library ( to Haxe (GitHub - gameduell/aggx: Haxe port of Antigrain Geometry library). It includes the only more developed font rendering solution for Haxe that I’m aware of (including kerning etc.). It also has tons of other graphic rendering capabilities ready for OpenGL and other lowlevel implementations.

However, the aggx library is currently unmaintained (Is vectorx/aggx maintained? · Issue #25 · gameduell/vectorx · GitHub). Because of that, I have created a simple test project just to simplify the otherwise rather complex setup, and to start playing with it. (I have stripped away Gameduell’s multitarget filesystem implematation, all of the OpenGL stuff etc - just to get it to compile and spit something out.) This far I’ve only tried it with node, browser and flash, but Gameduell’s lib also includes cpp implementation of core stuff, so that should be fairly easy to set up.

You can find this test project at GitHub - cambiata/aggx-tryout: Simple Haxe test project to get going with Gameduell's version of Aggx library (

Just a simple FontEngine example right now. No graphical output - it just loads a ttf font and renders an input string to the outline coordinates data. Hope to find time to explore it further soon.

Hopefully, some of you may find some interresting in this. Please join in! :slight_smile:

In case you are interested in the original Duell setup and OpenGL implementations, you can read about it in this excellent bachelor work of Alexis Iakovenko-Marinitch A Haxe Implementation of Essential OpenGL Examples Using Duell Tool.

Best! / Jonas


Thanks for this! I’ve never come across this repo before, and it sounds pretty darn cool

Anything that renders SVG is okay in my books. :slight_smile: