Flaxe - A Flash/AS2/AS3 conversion helper

Hi folks,

For those of you who want to convert your flash apps to Haxe, but don’t want to use the as3Haxe project for one reason or another, there is now another option: Flaxe. It’s a fairly simple program that does a bunch of boilerplate conversions without attempting any logic changes. You can pick it up here: GitHub - EricBishton/Flaxe: Flash/AS2/AS3 to Haxe conversion scripts..

Questions, comments, and contributions are appreciated!



That’s great Eric! Bookmarked!

Nice,but what’s difference between as3haxe?

Have you try any big project for test?


The tool was used to convert a large flash game that made a successful conversion to Haxe (is in production). The main difference between it and as3Haxe is that it does NOT try and understand or convert game logic – as as3Haxe does – and thus doesn’t create subtle bugs that can be missed until run-time. This tool simply does the boring boiler-plate work and leaves the logic issues for humans to re-write. I don’t represent this as better than as3Haxe, just a different tool with different goals.

I should note here that I did not write this tool originally. I offered to take the lead on publishing it and the rights to the sources were graciously provided for me to do so. My contribution was to make it minimally suitable for publication (docs, build script, and some polishing) and to make it available for the community. The original author has neither the time nor the inclination to support the tool, but was happy to allow others to use it.


That’s a great news as I have a huge as2/as3 project I spent too much time on it (11 years) and certainly didn’ want to reinvent the wheel in insane javascrap or else as it works rock solid.The main question being that how to manager as2/as3 components from Flash pro CS6 in haxe…