Flash.media.Sound not working for me

flash.medua.sound doesn’t play the sound: var filePath:String = Paths.inst(PlayState.SONG.song);
FlxG.sound.playMusic(Sound.fromFile(filePath), 1, false); also when I do trace("Generated FilePath: " + (Sound.fromFile(Paths.inst(PlayState.SONG.song)))); it gives me “Generated FilePath: [object Sound]” (I’m using haxe 4.11.0 and i’m buliding it for windows) any way to fix it?

That is the expected output because Sound.fromFile() returns an instance of the Sound class, rather than a file path.

I don’t know where Paths.inst() comes from, but I’m guessing that it returns the actual file path that you intended to trace instead:

trace("Generated FilePath: " + Paths.inst(PlayState.SONG.song));

The newest version of Haxe at the time of this post is 4.3.3. I’m not sure where you are finding 4.11…

Yeah, Paths.inst does that also I accidentally said Haxe instead of Haxeflixel. I’m trying to make it, so you don’t have to compile to play a certain sound.