Flash End of Life

What about Adobe retiring Flash by the end of the year? Do you have any ideas how this platform (target) behaves after December 31 2020? Will it still be possible to run Flash/Air apps?

All the major browsers are restricting Flash content very soon, Safari even removed the support already. So the share will go down significantly and only the people who can’t (or won’t) upgrade will stay (e.g. office workers with strict IT policies, or elderly people). With Air, as far as I know, the situation is a little better, but it’s better to move on from it ASAP :slight_smile:

Haxe of course will continue to support Flash for now, since the target is quite stable and maintainance efforts are rather minimal. I imagine this will be the case as long as Flash is somewhat relevant for outdated browsers, air and codebase migration processes.


Thank you very much. So I don’t have to expect to loose Flash entirely as of January. No Year 2000 kind of thing I hope :wink:

These links maybe more relevant than AIR.

Using SWF Assets ( OpenFL c++ can now load swf dynamically ? ).

AwayFL · GitHub ( TS flash player from Away3D ts team ).

NME has swf and svg support but likely Hugh prefers Cppia over SWF these days.

I think Adobe will wait a year and then kill Animate :frowning: but who knows certainly it’s just now a tick on a list of products and not showcased, and AIR is only maintained ( one dev? ) by Samsung, it’s not evolving and really it’s just becoming a way to milk historical tech, I would migrate asap.

Please note that there appears to be a scheduled Windows 10 Update that will permanently and irreversibly remove Flash.