EVENT: Game-dev event in Tokyo!

Hello friends!

I would like to announce an up-coming talk I’ll be giving at an event as a guest speaker on April 27th. (details about location and time will be available in a couple of weeks)

The talk will be about indie/freelance game-dev. To make the speech more relevant and concrete I took on a project where I trained a student to teach them game-development, planning, business etc. Over five months I have taught a student and together we’ve successfully produced a game with Haxe + OpenFL and sold it to a local game-dev company. Every step of the process is documented and will be presented as a success story over 2h at my speech.
The purpose of the speech is to show the requirements, process and gains of indie-game dev for people just starting out or people who don’t have personal experience of publishing or selling games.

If anyone is interested, please contact me about the details and I will book a place for you. Entrance is free of charge, but seats are limited; I’ve been told the hall has 150 seats. The organizers are planning to record video of the event and stream over Facebook Live and later upload it to YouTube.

Feel free to write me alex@funplox.com.

Also, if you happen to be a member of the Haxe Foundation and have the ability to send Haxe merch to give away at the event, please let me know.


That sounds really cool. Congrat!
Unfortunately, my flight to Seattle is on the exact same day… (Haxe Summit!) Or else it is quite tempting for me to attend.

Do you have connection to the other Japanese Haxe users? I occasionally see a few on Twitter and I’ve messaged to some of them previously. I guess they will be interested.


I do not have a strong connection with the Haxe community, unfortunately. I mostly work on my own projects in my spare time and I don’t really have time for anything else.

The talk I’m giving is an invitation after my last successful talk I’ve given last year about Game Development Scene in Japan.

Hopefully there will be many such events in this year.

The final dates are not confirmed, but it seems that the event will be taking place in Shibuya, Gran Plaza Hotel 20th or 27th of April starting from 19:00 . Although the date can be moved. I will post the approved date once it’s cleared.