EU Haxe Summit 2020 - Let's meet in Linz

After two very succesful privately hosted HaxeUp events, we have started planning a larger event for next year! Europe hasn’t had a real Haxe conference since Amsterdam 2017. With this post, we would like to gauge the interest in such an event.

The tentative date for this conference is October 14th-17th 2020 at the Stadthalle in Linz am Rhein, Germany .

Linz is a beautiful town by the river Rhine, located just between Germany’s former capital Bonn and the city of Koblenz. Being a tourist attraction, it offers plenty of hotels, holiday flats and apartments. It is reachable by train in less than an hour from Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) and in about two hours from Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

Please let us know if you would like to attend this event. In order to plan this, we will need a rough estimate of the number of attendees. Once we have that, we will proceed with the planning phase and announce further details.

Ticket pricing depends on various factors, but we expect it to be around EUR 100. Speakers will of course get in for free.

The Gist:

Dates: 2-3 days between 14.10.2020 - 18.10.2020
Location: Linz am Rhein, Germany

Airport distances:

Cologne: 0.5 hours by car, 1 hour by train
Düsseldorf: 1.25 hours by car, 1.75 hours by train
Frankfurt: 1.5 hours by car, 2 hours by train

Cost: around 100 EUR

If you are interested, please +1 this or like the post.


As a bonus feature I can pick up up to four people at Frankfurt Airport and put them in my car, as I’ll be driving from Frankfurt to Linz anyway. Driving in Robert’s car is a very fun experience and worth the trip to Germany all by itself.


Sounds great. Please count me as 1/2 since I would love to come and may make the trip, but it is pretty far out at this point to lock down schedules and the distance/travel cost is non trivial.

As always, thanks for your organization and encouragement of the Haxe tribe!


Denver to CGN / FRA is ~$1200. Ugh.

Fascinating, has anyone ever flown into the cheapest European city first? E.g. DEN to CDG (Paris) is $580, and then CDG to FRA is only ~$111.

Make a vacation out of it, bring the family ($$$), boom! I’ve spent my 401k. :laughing:

Great news! There’s three of us who will most probably attend.


You should clean up these IATA codes or you’ll end up going to China via Alaska. :smiley:


It depends a lot what airport and what day you are flying. Also, it is way to early to have good flights for October. I found some pretty standard fares around 800 USD to FRA in March flying on a Wednesday.

My experience with flights is that the direct flights are more expensive so for me, booking Seattle-Paris and then Paris-Frankfurt is more expensive than booking Seattle-Frankfurt.

In general, flying from the US is more expensive than flying from Germany and back (maybe try single trip fares).

The best time to book is about 3 months in advance. Good days are Tuesday-Thursday as well as Sundays (you’d arrive on Monday). Fridays and Saturdays are expensive.

In terms of acomodation, you should budget 100/night for several people. Less for single rooms. you can find very affordable single rooms in town (around 50 Euros) if you are ok with rustic 3-star quality.


I’ll go as long as I can find cheap enough flights, which might be difficult. So maybe count me as 1/2 for now. I was able to get to Amsterdam for cheap because WOWAir but they went out of business.

It’s very likely that I will attend. I have not finally decided, but I whould really like to get to know all the sophisticated community members, who very kindly supported me and others.

We are a great community. So I hope to meet you personally in Linz am Rhein.
:smiley: :+1:

I’ve thought about this more and there’s other business I can fit in to make it worth it, so strongly leaning on the side of I’m probably going. I also am still planning on throwing a haxeup early next year in California. Still working on the planning for that though.

Is this official ish yet?

Yes, we’ll launch the initial website some time this month.

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As promised, the website is now live! See EU Haxe Summit 2020 - Website live, Tickets available for more information.