Error installing Haxe libraries to compile source code

I don’t know what is this error. This happens if I try to install other libraries to compile Friday Night Funkin source code. When I write to the powershell to install some library, it gives this error. But it doesn’t happen with some libraries. Please help me


I believe that this happens from time to time. An occasional issue with Try again later, and it will probably be fine.

Run PowerShell in admin mode and try again

It should not be necessary to run haxelib install commands as an administrator.

Are you in mainland china?It may be a network problem due to GTFW

Recently, I am trying to solve this problem.
When I finish, I will release a command line tool.

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Ok now how to install Chaxelib?

You can put it in the installation directory of haxelib.exe or haxelib.

It is the Cli command tool.