Equivalent to NativeProcess in ActionScript/Adobe-AIR

Hi there!

I’m quite a newbie to the Haxe world ) I mostly do desktop applications on Flex/Adobe-AIR. So this might be a very noob-ish type of question, please bear with me.

This is intuitive to see that I can read Haxe codes without investing too much of effort. Since I mostly from desktop development environment, I was trying to validate my usual needs with Haxe offerings, when I came through https://api.haxe.org/.

I was trying to find something equivalent to NativeProcess from Adobe AIR in Haxe. In my initial search I only found a reference under CPP (cpp.NativeProcess - Haxe 4.2.1 API) however I’m not entirely sure if this something that is equivalent to NativeProcess in Adobe AIR and can be use in any desktop application across the platforms.

Is the above true? Or, there is any other API to do such tasks in a desktop application, i.e. triggering external application, running command-line etc.?

Much appreciate if you guide me to find an answer :slight_smile:

Again, thank you, for availing such a platform that beyond Adobe AIR.

Thank you!

cpp.NativeProcess is basically just a CPP-specific implementation detail for sys.io.Process, which is cross-platform. Typically you would only use the latter.


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This looks much familiar to me! :slight_smile: Thank you!

I see the API also returns pid - which is great! Wow.