Environment variables and CI on gitlab.com

Is it possible to setup environment variables while building project and how to access them from code? I’d like to use gitlab’s variables while building/deploying my project and substitute path to the local resources when I debug application on my end.

No idea how to setup env var on gitlab, should be in the project settings or something like that.

For using those in your code it’s:

var value : String = Sys.getEnv("name");


You also have Sys - Haxe 4.2.1 API to modify and Sys - Haxe 4.2.1 API to get them all.

I can’t read environment variables because my target is js and my question was about compile time. Now I can pass any external variable value at compile time by -D option like:

haxe -D internal_var=$external_var

But after that I can’t get passed value in code. Macro haxe.macro.Context.definedValue("var_name") returns an error:

src/Main.hx:10: characters 12-43 : Class<haxe.macro.Context> has no field definedValue

This behavior the same in haxe v3.0.0 (gitlab’s haxe docker image) and with my local build haxe v4.0.0.
If I don’t place option -D there’s no compile time errors in code and of cause I can’t get value, just to check if variable set or unset.

You can use the Sys API in macros too.

This looks like you called haxe.macro.Context.definedValue("var_name") outside the macro context (since it’s in your Main.hx, you may just need to properly add #if macro around your macro)

You should call Sys.getEnv("name"); in your macro