DynamicAccess on Hashlink

I just ran into a very weird bug. I had Haxe compiling my Hashlink application successfully, which internally made use of an object typed with DynamicAccess. At some point the compiler started failing when doing the same compile, complaining that my object didn’t have a certain field. I eventually restarted my computer (Mac M1) and it started working again. I’m glad I know how to fix this now (whew) but what could have possibly caused that?

Maybe something linked with CompilationServer ?

Not sure—I did try restarting the compilation server!

Running the Haxe: Restart Language Server command in VSCode when something is wonky almost never seems to help me. I usually need to run Developer: Reload Window (or manually close and reopen VSCode, but the command is faster). When you restart the language server, it’s like something remains running in the background, but reloading the window starts everything from scratch.