Dox - what standard does it use?

I’m starting to document my Haxe code and planning to use Dox as documentation parser & generator. Although the documentation format seems similar to javadoc, I am not sure if this is really the case. It would be nice if this would be stated in the project’s MD file or the Wiki’s landing page :slight_smile:

Have you seen this wiki page?

Also, be sure to install it from GitHub as the latest Haxelib release is quite outdated at this point.

I saw it but somehow missed the “There is also limited support for Javadoc-style @param annotations.”

I’m curious what “limited support” means.

Understood. I usually install stuff from GIT when it comes to Haxe. It seems to be the norm :slight_smile:

I updated the page to list the supported annotations.

Since (heh) you support @since, I guess it also supports @version :slight_smile:

Anyway, seems like it’s all one needs :slight_smile:

Oh, and I see (ok, I’ll stop now, promise) it also supports @see, at least according to the example. I’d update the page myself but I haven’t checked the code.

Actually, it doesn’t support @version. Also, @see is already listed?

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Actually, it doesn’t support @version .

What’s the aversion to supporting @version? {ducks!} :wink:

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