Does OpenFL/Haxe play video in iOS & Android?

Hi everybody,

I tried the PlayingVideo example of the openfl package, but it does work in iOS (even after some tweeking attempts). I just get a white screen. Do I miss something here?

OpenFL API Reference shows that and are “Available on all platforms”. From searching in the Internet and forums, iOS/Android native video for openfl (and Haxe) seem to be a big roadblock for a lot a people in many years, and it is not clear if that has been solved.

Was anybody able to get video playing in iOS & Android? What did you use, NME with StageVideo, WebM, openfl workaround, …? How did you do it?

I really appreciate if you could share your workflow for video for iOS/Android. I am sure that many developers will love to here from you too!




Commands that I used for PlayingVideo example:

openfl create PlayingVideo
cd PlayingVideo
openfl test ios

This builds the project all right. The works on the attached iPhone to the Mac and simulator. I am able to place traces and breakpoints in xCode. All good, but it does not seem to get the events netStream (e.g. netConnection_onNetStatus_dyn). Nothing appears on the white screen. I tried both local .mp4 and remote .mp4, but it does not play.


Perhaps it is better to ask OpenFL question on their forum

Anyway, I have built apps that can play videos via React Native

Hi Kevin,
I appreciate your response. Yes, I have posted the question on the OpenFL forum - waiting for response. I am interested in a Haxe-based solutions because I am building cross-platform apps and there is actionScript legacy code that I want/need to re-use. I believe that is an issue for many developers, particularly the video support for mobile platforms, and I was hoping to hear more about the experience of seasoned developers on how to tackle that. Thanks for sharing!

If you don’t need native UI (as your willingness to use OpenFl would suggest), then perhaps even HTML / Cordova will do the trick, as playing back mp4 in HTML is quite feasible these days … what a time to be alive!

Hi back2dos,
Yes, I need native UI to improve user experience, and I need OpenFl, NME, or other Haxe-based solution to run existing multimedia content developed originally with Flash/actionScript (and converted to Haxe). I believe that would be a great path for porting existing or even new projects, i.e. to leverage the multimedia engine of OpenFl (or another Haxe lib) and combine with native UI that is improving at faster pace for mobile apps. The multimedia code in Haxe could be easily ported to web and others, helping to develop once for multiple platforms. Hopefully somebody in the community has found a good solution for “Haxe” playing video in iOS/Android…