Does Hashlink support MySql

Am I doing something wrong.
At sys.db.Mysql - Haxe 4.2.1 API Hashlink is supported. But when i try to use it, I get an ‘Not implemented for this platform’ exception.
I use Haxe 4 Preview 4 and Hashlink 1.6.

As far as I know, sys.db.Mysql works only with neko and PHP target.

on other targets like node, python, java or .net , you can use platform specific libraries.

Haslink has been primarily made for gaming, so I’m pretty sure there is no MySQL connectivity

I’d add hxcpp to that list of MySQL supporting options, as it works better than the Neko Target in terms of stability. I’m planning on exploring adding it to Air in Lime, but my family situation is making that very very slow.