Does anybody here live stream?

Hey, anybody here live stream? I’m looking to chat with folks who stream to multiple platforms at once. Message or email me (my name at gmail)

Like… stream coding Haxe or what? :slight_smile:

Just in case you aren’t aware, Twitch affiliates and partners aren’t allowed to simultaneously stream to other platforms (there is a content exclusivity period for a brief period of time, 24 hours or something like that). It is actively enforced as well; Simpleflips was a Twitch partner who was terminated in this way. Facebook has a similar stipulation for people they’ve brought onto the platform in a contractual manner.

None of that may apply to you if you’re just making something for smaller streamers without contracts, or perhaps platforms outside of these, but it may be something to be aware of depending on what you’re doing.

I’ll message you too but I’ve been doing multicast streams via restream on twitch, facebook and youtube. I haven’t been caught yet. The one I use for livestreaming open source coding is Twitch