Digital Signage Platform

Digital Signage Platform

In 2016 one of our clients moved into their new HQ, with this new location they wanted to create a contemporary and dynamic space for their employees and clients. To realize this we created 3 distinct creative concepts across 10 floors and over 50 screens. A stunning lobby installation the showcases their values, visions and placemaking expertise. An interactive timeline that displays their history and achievements. An internal communications platform with real time data for their employees. We then developed a bespoke digital signage platform to manage and update all of the content. Instead of going out to 3rd parties to create bespoke videos and animations every time they want to update their content they can now just log in, update the content inline, have a visual representation of what it’s going to look like, hit publish and all the displays are updated in a matter of seconds.


From a technical perspective the majority of the project was created with the haxe programming language, along with OpenFL, Away3d and Starling. This allows us to compile to a number of desktop and mobile platforms, in this case Windows and iOS. Additionally it also allows us to compile down to javascript and run the same codebase within a browser, this is how we’re able to have a “what you see is what you get” editor within the CMS, which is incredibly useful and allows the user to preview their content before they publish on all the screens.


It looks great but how much time it took your team to develop it ?

Hey @socialflasher. It was a a big project, off the top of my head it took at least 4 months, there were a lot of different components, a lot of which aren’t covered in the case-study.