Debugging hl target with VScode


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I’d like to debug hl target in VisualStudio Code.

OS: Arch Linux
VSCode: OSS build 1.30 (community repo)
HL : 1.8
Haxe: v4p5

I’ve made a project with complete configuration you can use to have the same environment than me.
It is here:

So, the build of the hxml works well, and if i launch the resulting hl, it’s running as expected.

The problem is for debugging:

I put a breakpoint (F9 key) in my source, then hit F5 for starting debug.
At this step, i get failed to connect to debug port .

But if i launch hl myself, with the debug port equal to the one defined in launch.js :

hl --debug 6118 --debug-wait test.hl

then pressing F5 in VScode will launch the program.
But in won’t stop on breakpoint, alas.
It seems that in fact VScode connects and launch, ignoring breakpoints.

What can i try, now ?

Thank you for reading.

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Even if nobody has the answer to the problem, i’m interested in the reproducibility of the issue.

Can someone with linux configuration tell me if he has the same problem ? If someone running Linux and VSCode can use the debugger, i’m of course interested in his setup.

Thank you.