Contributing to Haxe manual

As I was answering tips about @:jsRequire (Haxe-react- howto create externs for grid-styled - #9 by axelhuizinga) I had a look at the documentation (Loading extern classes using "require" function - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit) and though “oh maybe I could add something here”.

“Contribute to this page” deeplinks to the article on Github, but generally the repository root doesn’t have any documentation on How to contribute - I’d expect something explaining the decision/review process, and more importantly, how to build it locally to preview the changes?


So I wrote a blog post about that:

Some of that info would be useful to have in the documentation - like “how to convert ES6 imports into Haxe require”.


Doesn’t this info help?

In the haxemanual project there is a convert.hxml, you can run that to generate the markdown files. You can check those markdown files in online tool to check if it looks good.
In the convert hxml you can disable pdf/ebook related commands.

Hope this helps, otherwise let me know!

Thanks, I had skimmed through this readme but missed the compilation.

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