Configure Visual Studio Code, differents version HashLink

Hello everyone,

I have followed all the guides to install Haxe and HashLink on windows, but I have noticed lately than the lastest version of Hashlink work only with haxe 4+. I would like to choose which version of hashlink to launch my haxe apps.
If it’s not possible how changes the version installed in visual studio.

I’m using haxe 3.4.7

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According to GitHub - HaxeFoundation/haxe: Haxe - The Cross-Platform Toolkit it seems that for haxe 3.4 you need hashlink 1.1.

Since I don’t think you can easily have two version installed, you should uninstall you current version of hashlink and install 1.1.

I don’t think you can easily have two version installed

Since there is no installer involved, you can just put different versions in separate folders.

I use this structure:

In fact I don’t get where hl is stored
from the documentation

Building on Windows

Open hl.sln using Visual Studio Code and compile.

I have done that .

But in visual studio code, when I execute task with Hashlink(launch) after generate the app.hl , I get

HL version 1 is not supported

how do you uninstall or change path for visual studio code. I mean a specific path is used, because the command

hl output.hl 
is not recognize in the terminal command, so it must knows where to look.

It's so confused in my head, I don't understand what the command 
Open `hl.sln` using Visual Studio Code and compile.
is doing, and why visual studio code can launch hashlink, when I can't even found it in the path

With hl.sln your are only compiling it, I don’t think that it install it, so you’ll need to add it to your path.
Not familiar with windows so can’t help you with that.

You could try the precompiled version Release HashLink 1.1 · HaxeFoundation/hashlink · GitHub if you have issue with compiling.