Compile PHP Dynamic to php assiciative array


I am trying to use Haxe functions form existing PHP code, I have this function

    5 public static function test(){
    6         createIIFFile([{
    7                 ticket_number:"123",
    8                 member:"abc",
    9                 amount:"3",
   10         }]);
   11 }
   12 static  function createIIFFile(array:Array<Dynamic>) {

And it is being compiled into

IIF::createIIFFile(\Array_hx::wrap([new _HxAnon_IIF0("123", "abc", "3")]));

I love the Hx:wrap utility, but I would like to be able to use php arrays directly as the elements, and have haxe compile to $aaa[“key”].
I know I can use php target specific types to force php arrays, but this will take me away from cross platform.


Well, I see I could cast the array to an object using (object)$ary, then Boot::DynamicField will know how to extract the field.
I still wonder if there are other solutions