Comments on documentation

From today on we allow comments on our documentation. That means on all pages of the Haxe Manual and on the Code Cookbook. The idea is to make it easier to give feedback or ask questions on the content. We, as community, can pick up suggestions from the user comments and answer or take action where needed.

The comment box is powered by utterances. What makes it interesting is that this integrates nicely with our issue tracker on GitHub. That is because all comments are GitHub issues. We think this is good, because you can get notifications if you follow the repository. And it also allows moderation for the team, we can remove comments that are outdated or resolved for example. Another good thing is that we don’t get locked in a comment system. If we find out at a point that allowing comments doesn’t work for us, we can just unplug it from the site but keep the comments/issues.

To comment you have to login with your GitHub account. We assume most of our users have one, otherwise it’s a piece of cake to get one. The first time you try to comment it asks for permissions (to post on your behalf on GitHub). You can always revoke the utterances application in your GitHub profile settings.

We hope this helps improving the documentation and getting more people involved to make everything better. Let us know what you think.


I’m getting an error when attempting to log in. Github authorized utterances fine, but on the return to I get the above error.

@dion are you still seeing this error? (I’m the utterances dev)

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I was able to reproduce this, was specific to certain safari configurations. The fix has been deployed.


Thanks for this fix! (And welcome here!)