Colyseus Multiplayer Client for Haxe


(Endel Dreyer) #1

Hi there!

I’d like to announce that Colyseus finally has a client for Haxe, which I was planning to have since a long time ago.

If you’re interested in developing multiplayer games, you may find this server and client library useful. The client library was tested on html5, neko, cpp and ios targets.

Simple demo

This demo uses the state_handler room, from the official examples repository. (You can check more links in the description of the video.)

About the project

Colyseus is an Open-Source Multiplayer Game Server for NodeJS. It has a server state sync mechanism designed to be simple to use.

(david mouton) #2

Is it also available on NPM ?

(Endel Dreyer) #3

Hi @damoebius, currently it’s only available as a haxelib.

Is it possible to use NPM for haxe packages as well? I didn’t know that!
The JavaScript client is available on NPM, here.


(david mouton) #4

Yep, haxe is also available with npm.
You can publish your extern here too.

(Marcelo Serpa) #5

As a side note about publishing on NPM: I find think this is quite confusing, specially for someone new to the Haxe eco-system of which the obvious choice is Haxelib. Do we have any articles that explain why it’s a good idea to publish to NPM and how? Are there any tools that automate the process of submitting to Haxelib + NPM?