CodinGame Spring Challenge 2022

The yearly CodinGame Challenge started today. :smiley: It’s a 10 day free bot programming competition with over 11.000 registered participants. Anybody interested in joining?

Haxe is still not officially supported but there is a small extern that implements the CodinGame commands for the JavaScript, Python and Lua Targets.


Do you Know if haxe will be officialy supported soon ?

No, I don’t know anything new. There is a poll from 2019 in the CodinGame forum with Haxe on the list of requested languages. But there doesn’t seem to be too much demand. Currently it’s at only 5% for Haxe. :laughing:
I was hoping to get more Haxe people to CodinGame. It’s a great resource to learn about game programming and it would be cool to increase that Haxe demand. :grin: