Coconut.ui bootstrap library showcase / Help wanted!

Haxe users! I’m working on a library to use Bootstrap (CSS layout framework)

You can see the current progress here:

Coconut is the react alternative in pure Haxe.
Bootstrap is a CSS framework.
I combined them. This allows defining bootstrap components in a reactive matter, which will look nice.

The plan is to have all components available. I’m over 50% now. I think it’s already very usable! Having many bootstrap components is great because people can start creating tools/websites without having to worry about CSS, they won’t need jQuery and they profit from all the neat Haxe and coconut features! So this could be a nice starting point for webdevs who want to use Haxe.

But, I need your help! There are a bunch of components left to be created! Some are easy, some harder. If you want to get started with coconut this is also a nice introduction to the framework. And it’s also very fun to work on if you ask me.

Wanna help out? Let me know here


I wanted to try it out, I’m new to coconut and lix.

I run into the same completion problems as described in this coconut issue:
Any ideas of why this might be happening? It’s not a show stopper but it’s annoying to work without editor hints/completion.

Mostly because coconut is very macro-heavy. And macros tend to break completion for various reasons. So, when you encounter such problem, it would be nice if you can raise an issue in github with a small reproducible snippet.

@kevinresol, yeah, I’m aware that macros can break completion. I might open an issue on coconut.ui later.

I just wanted to know if this is a common thing, perhaps @mark.knol was already observing the same problem while working on coconut bootstrap. I’d be interested in knowning if it’s just me who is seeing this problem right now.

I’ve now also tried using a nightly version of haxe, the completion seems to improve a bit but still breaks at some point.

Yeah I have this sometimes too, I have to restart the language server quite often. The completion isn’t there completely (ha!) but I didn’t find it fully broken. But it doesn’t give hints about html/coconut tags in the render function, but I never expected that to work in the first place too. Would be a nice feature though!

I think this, in the end, is all solvable. The coconut framework is relative new, I think this is something Haxe really needs and is worth investment, it shows Haxe potential.