[Coconut] The "list" attribute of an "input" element is not rendered

In a Coconut view, I have an input linked to a datalist:

<input list="myDataList" ref=${myInput}/>
<datalist id="myDataList">
  <option value="aValue"/>

The issue is that the datalist does not work because the input’s list attribute is not rendered. So I must add it manually to fix it:

override function viewDidMount()
  myInput.setAttribute("list", "myDataList");

How do I get this list attribute to be rendered without using the viewDidMount trick?

The list attribute as a bit special: it’s backed by a readonly JS property typed as js.html.Element (see HTMLInputElement).
I guess the list attribute/property needs some specific handling in (coconut.vdom? tink_hxx? tink_domspec?) but I don’t know where to start and I suck completely at macro code.