Coconut Coding Camp

Hi there,

some of you may have seen me talking about coconut recently, a react-inspired UI framework for Haxe that we’re using at Docler Holding. For those who’ve never heard of it, here are some talks:

  • a short intro from Oct 2018
  • a detailed talk from May 2019 about the principles behind, a bit of history and how coconut differs from React in particular
  • a workshop following up on that talk where I build an awesome calculator and an awkward timer

Now that coconut has reached a certain level of maturity, I would like to spread knowledge on how to use it most effectively. And I believe the best method of knowledge transfer in depth is the context of real world software.

So what I would like to propose is for 4-6 people (myself included) to get together for a 5 day coding session, during which we’d create an application from scratch (we’d get a house/apartment somewhere, so we can not only crank out some code, but also hang out a bit, have some dinner together and discuss all sorts of things). I know that’s quite a lot of time, but the goal is to go way beyond tutorial level and to actually explore different approaches to keep complexity at bay. I’ve never done this before, but I’m fairly confident that this is the most effective way to show how to leverage coconut in the most productive ways.

If anyone is genuinely interested, please let me know. If we get enough people, I’ll look into organizing something :wink:



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Assuming a favorable time and place I’d be interested

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If I’m free, you can count on me :wink:

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That sounds like a cool idea. I have started to move to coconut and that would be a great opportunity to learn.

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Very interesting. I know I could benefit from this kind of training camp


Are you writing a summary afterwards? It’d be cool to share the results…

PS where are you thinking of gathering @back2dos ?

Sounds quite interesting, would be nice to join if I have the time.
Did you have a particular place/time (range) in your mind?
One question that immediately springs to my mind - how to prevent this nice coding workshop from becoming one giant 5-day party/orgy?

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Well, I hope we’ll find the time to produce some sort of devlog, but the primary result would ideally be working software. Project ideas are welcome by the way. Mine so far is to make a visual editor for coconut.

It depends on the people of course. I’m thinking we could put together one thing in Belgium/Luxembourg, since Ben, Laurent, Itzik and Gene makes four people from that region (assuming we can find a time slot). Of course it’s a question of whether we can all find a suitable time window. If there’s large enough interest to make another session (then we definitely need an idea what kind of app to build, since I prefer to start from scratch), we can look what’s most convenient to people. Personally, I don’t mind travelling for this.

I’m going to open a doodle in a week or so, so we can nail down the time.

Well, to some degree that is a valid concern. OTOH most people responding have families and a busy job and so do I, which makes me think that everybody will be sufficiently motivated to squeeze out as much as possible during this week. Of course we can use the weekend after for an orgy, if you’re so inclined :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interested. I am not sure if I will be able to join live because I have voided holiday quota already so the question is, would it be possible to join online for some certain sessions/talks/discussions?

Ok guys, the Doodle is here:

Please make sure to add your location, so I can try to cluster it geographically, if there’s enough interest.

Oh, and if anybody has ideas for an application to create during the session, please feel free to post it here :wink:

UI for the lix registry perhaps?

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