Cannot read property of 'name' of null kade engine.js

Hey there everyone so I was trying to do some ports of some Friday Night Funkin mods to html5 in all one game so whenever I want to add a death animation (from the new update of vs impostor v3 which I don’t know which kade engine version uses) it just gives me the following error: cannot read property of ‘name’ of null kade engine.js:7632, at boyfriend.update, at gameoversubstate.update and more, and its been happening for 2 days and I still didn’t find any solution to it, I’m kind of a newbie to Haxe but I would like to learn with this project (Using Kade Engine 1.6.2 because I have issues exporting to html5 with 1.7)

That mean game missing some assets like music or sprites and so on. Just re-check what currectly is missing.