Can we extract haxelib info for Sourcerer automatically?

Can we extract haxelib info for Sourcerer automatically? Otherwise I could manually gather them when have time.

I was planning on trying something in the coming days, this seems to be more or less possible.

Let me know if I can help there are places like npm that have haxelibs and github perhaps we could output all on github with a script and then manually remove some that are not really relevant or suitable. There are some haxelibs that have false github/bitbucket or other repositories, really these should be excluded if you can’t check contents of a haxelib via a repo before downloading it’s not really good ( or safe long term as haxe grows ).

Let’s start with haxelib support, that will easily cover 90%+ of cases and make haxe support possible.

I guess haxe libs published on npm are on haxelib too most of the time, so I don’t see the added benefit in checking there (especially since it’s a lot more work).

As for haxelib that do not have a valid repo, there’s the Files tab in (not working for 100% of libs, but still). Also it’s off topic, we do not have to care about this kind of things, just let people identify/classify their work.

Some time ago i made a script (don’t have sources anymore) which runs haxelib search with an empty string and then haxelib info for every found library.

You mean something like haxelib search "" | xargs -n 1 haxelib info ?

Yes. But it had some additional functionality to fetch haxelib.json files and build dependency graphs

Nice :slight_smile: Shouldn’t be necessary here though, I didn’t see anything about dependencies.

Seems like haxelib info gives us

  • name
  • tags which can be translated with some custom dictionary to sourcerer tags/tech
  • “website” which can be parsed for repo field

Still need something for the base package…