Can I use Neko VM with includes to build a realtime application?

So Hi everyone,
I am a young developer and I am in need for a fast, embeddable runtime that allows me to run user provided applications in a soft realtime scenario.

I will be using “include OS” as a base of my project. I did not do the research if include OS has a realtime scheduler or if I would need to contribute one to include OS, but really fulfilling the realtime requirements is only the second step…
For now I would only need to know if there would be anything what would prevent Ne to be realtime compatible. Even if it is not built specifically to be realtime compatible.

I would like to know if there are any dependencies to an operating system that I would have to provide in order for neko to work inside of include OS.
And if somebody has already worked with Neko and include OS together, I would appreciate info about any tricks and avoidable foot guns.

Thanks in advance