Can Haxe genreate WebAssembly's wasm file?

can Haxe genreate WebAssembly’s wasm file?

use Hxcpp or Hashlink?

what’s I find is only read wasm file in Haxe

Is there any one try to build wasm file in hxcpp successful?

Did you have a look on Haxe and Emscripten - #7 by dmitryhryppa ?

not yet !

I did try with HLC (hashlink) and build successfully on Linux with gcc on ubuntu.

but use emcc replace gcc got lots of error.

NME Prime uses c++ web display, with some js user code , you can mostly remap OpenFL package to NME, my PolyominoTriangles has a tetris prime experiment.
Typically you need

-cmd haxelib run nme test application.xml jsprime -Dflatoutput

The required application.xml might look like

	<!-- NMML reference: -->
	<!-- metadata, make sure 'package' is at least 3 segments (ie. com.mycompany.myproject) -->
	<meta title="myproject" package="com.mycompany.myproject" version="1.0.0" company="author" />

	<!-- output -->
	<app main="myPackage.Main" path="../binNme" file="Main" />

	<!-- window properties -->
	<window background="#FFFFFF" fps="60" />
	<window width="1024" height="768"  background="0x181818" unless="mobile" />
	<window orientation="landscape" vsync="false" antialiasing="0" if="cpp" />
	<set name="SWF_VERSION" value="11.2" />
	<!-- classpath, haxe libs -->
	<source path="../src/" />
	<haxelib name="nme" />
	<haxelib name="format" />
	<!-- optimize output
	<haxeflag name="-dce full" /> -->


Since most projects end up needing data to be transferred between js and web c++ it can be hard to actually provide fast load time and smooth interaction when directly compared to WebGL, Canvas, SVG and Dom combinations, or atleast in my use case, direct WebGL, Heaps or Kha ( using WebGL ) seemed much smoother. Canvas and OpenFL solutions not as fast as direct WebGL, and Prime a bit slow, SVG ( how I implemented too slow to provide link on readme! ).