C & Rust --> haxe transpilation


i think (i’m pretty sure) you can transpile C++ to haxe. Is there a way to transpile C to C++ or C drirectly to haxe?

Same question for Rust: is there a way to transpile rust to haxe?

Thx in advance Lenn

It’s possible but it would be a multi year endeavor of writing a compiler and trying to pass thousands of unit tests. Another real hurdle will be all of the problems that will arise from Rust/C/C++ all being system programming languages, so you would need to build systems in Haxe to try and simulate low level language features and even standard libraries while being a high level language.

The better approach, before you go down this route is to evaluate. Why choose this over writing externs? If it’s because you want to use Haxe’s js target, you might want to try writing a tool to use the externs for both web and on sys such as webidl.

Lastly I do understand the appeal of wanting to transpile languages into Haxe, I spend a lot of time trying to do just that with Golang → Haxe, if you do choose to go down the road of transpiling other language into Haxe, or are curious in general about it, feel free to ask questions, and I can try to give sufficient pointers in turn.


Ah youre the dev of go2hx, used it for another prokect, great tool!
Thx for ur advice as well dude

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