Building Haxe from sources

Hej all !

I get this error when building Haxe from sources nowadays (it worked still recently…) :

dune build --workspace src-prebuild/prebuild.exe
_build/default/src-prebuild/prebuild.exe libparams -cclib -lpcre -cclib -lz -cclib -lmbedtls -cclib -lmbedx509 -cclib -lmbedcrypto > lib.sexp
_build/default/src-prebuild/prebuild.exe version "1" "development" "ad1a393bb" > src/compiler/
dune build --workspace src/haxe.exe
File "src/macro/eval/", line 95, characters 3-13:
95 | 	| `EOVERFLOW -> 78
Error: This pattern matches values of type [? `EOVERFLOW ]
       but a pattern was expected which matches values of type Luv.Error.t
       The second variant type does not allow tag(s) `EOVERFLOW
make: *** [Makefile:77 : haxe] Erreur 1

I have last pull form git sources.
Can anyone help me please ?

opam upgrade luv

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Thanks Simon, I luv you :rofl: