Build.xml - linker


Where can I find tutorial/examples to add user32.lib to the build.xml file?


Have you seen the build.xml docs? hxcpp/docs/build_xml at master · HaxeFoundation/hxcpp · GitHub

Yes, thanks.

But, I’m still getting link error.

I think I may have found a solution. I’m uploading the solution to the Haxe cookbook.

Did you end up uploading that solution @fhalo? I’m keen to have a look.

This might be of help: hxWidgets/Build.xml at master · haxeui/hxWidgets · GitHub

Thanks @ianharrigan. I’m working through the process of building a native extension and I’m running into some issues, so seeking any pointers I can.

I wasn’t aware things like this could use wildcards ( * ), so that’s handy to know:
<lib name="${WXWIN}\lib\${lib_folder}\*.lib" />

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