Bounty $200 - Outline filter for heaps

We use a lot of outlines for text, and is currently using h2d.filter.Glow. However Glow is not perfect for that purpose since you don’t have individual control over blur and thickness.
Instead we would like a more basic and hopefully better performing outline filter with settings for thickness and color.

Acceptance criteria for the full bounty to be paid:

  1. Filter works with different thickness and color, and follows text correctly.
  2. Needs to have a h2d.filter class, not just the hxsl Shader.
  3. Code has been accepted to be merged into heaps.

Glow inherited from Blur, so you can control radius and other blur properties. Do you mean something different under the thickness?

I want to be able to have a pure outline without blur. With glow, the larger radius the more blur, so unless you make a very thin glow, it will look quite different from an outline.

For example have a look at the outline filter in pixi:

Got some time to dig into it myself, and got a PR together: