Bluetooth Framework for HAXE

(Arnim) #1

Hello community,

is there a framework, that handles all bluetooth profiles/ services (or at least the basic ones) for all targets?

After a google research I only have found old answers to that questions (and all of them have been unsatisfying)…

Wouldn’t it be another good reason to use HAXE, if we would have a framework like this?
And it could make this great language more popular…

Kind regards

(Louis Pearson) #2

I am also looking for this sort of functionality, but I haven’t found anything. You, me, or somebody else is going to need to take the time to implement this. The first step would be to start implementing bluetooth APIs for different platforms, I think.

(Peter Taylor Coates) #3

I’ll second that. A bluetooth framework with BLE would be tremendously valuable because IoT uses lots of combinations of language and OS at device, gateway, and Cloud end. AWS IoT is one of the most common destinations. Object code size is a big consideration for devices. A good design would keep the footprint as small as possible on the device side. I can’t call myself a Haxe expert, but it sounds like a killer application because of the inherent diversity of IoT.