Best choice for haxe server side target

(Alexey Vinokurov) #1

I’d like to make reasonable choice of target for server side of my haxe project. It’s multiplayer pokerroom-like game. Client targeted to use native mobile and HTML. Server planned as easily scalable with stateless services, binary protocol and db support (mysql or mongo) at linux docker container.
I have tested nodejs approach and it shows sappiness of my choice for the local one threaded solution.
Is there any drawbacks or probably usage of neko or hashlink will give some performance boost and flexibility? Your other thoughts are highly appreciated.

(Dmitry) #2

It depends.
Personally, I would try –

Edit: synthetic benchmarks are pointless

(Endel Dreyer) #3

a bit self-promotion here, but you can try Colyseus as a server and the Haxe client: :blush:

(Robert Konrad) #4

Uhm, those benchmarks don’t actually seem to prove anything about hxcpp being the fastest. In Justo’s benchmark from 2016 js, hlc and hxcpp have overall similar results and in Dmitry’s benchmark from yesterday hxcpp is slower than js in everything but the startup test and slower than hlc in everything but the Mandelbrot test.
I repeat myself but… Haxe->JS tends to have the best performance for unoptimized Haxe code (fast garbage collection, fast anons,…), hxcpp tends to have the best performance for optimized Haxe code (pure math code is translated to mostly equivalent C++, can use 32 bit floats,…) - so what’s fastest depends very much on you. Not much personal experience with hlc yet but the situation seems to be similar to hxcpp now.