Best approach on how to use newest Haxe on Debian Linux

I am using debian linux, but the oficial haxe packages are not updated (as usual, as stated on haxe website).

This makes me unable to use some of the newer Haxe features, which I am already used to, (module level fields, abstract, etc.)
There are instrcutions on the haxe website on how to add another repository, but I wasn’t able to get it working, due to dependicies isuues, and distribution version issues

One workaround iv’e found is to run the windows version torough wine, but this s
ounds hacky, and is not green, the CPU works heavily everytime wine starts (my P
C is fast so time is not an option, but its a waste of energy for such a simple

Do anyone has a simple approach for having a fixed set of HaxeToolkit on a Linux system?

Hi, also on Debian, I use lix as a package manager. It downloads and versions both the library exact version/commit and haxe version, which is great ! I usually install libs with “global” option.

Does lix also manage the haxe binary?

yes ! See the repository Readme for setup instructions, most useful options are documented.

As I understand it, it shortcuts the haxe binary (if available) and uses the one defined in current directory’s .haxerc file. Reference to library versions are in haxe_libraries/ directory and can be versioned with the project too.

Wow line nvm or n in nodejs

I can confirm that this worked

lix installs haxe and haxelib automatically

And the latest version

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