Bavarian Haxe Meetup

(Adrian V) #1

after a long period of inactivity we try once again to organize a Bavarian Haxe Meetup in November. Anybody interested in participating please join the Bavarian Haxe Meetup Group

We are also looking for some nice ideas for presentation !

I will keep you updated here when we have a fixed date.

Stay tuned,

(Josefiene Pertosa) #2

Hey Adrian,

good to see you!

While I will most likely not be available for a Meetup in November, I would still like to help. If there is anything I can do to help you promote the event and get some traction, please let me know.

I think just setting a date and “doing it anyway with whover shows up” is the best approach here, it is difficult to plan when you don’t have a date.



(Adrian V) #3

Hi Fiene,

so now we are a step closer to get the meetup running. We have a date - 28.11.2018 and we have a location - the ZD.B (Zentrum Digitalsierung Bayern) in Garching near Munich is so friendly to give us a room.

To generate some interest it would be super if someone with a “name” in the Haxe community would be willing to come and show a bit what she/he is doing. I will give a short talk and show how we are using Haxe in our company. But that won’t be enough !

Cheers, Adrian.