Are there any easy way to use PHP lib?

Are there any easy way to use PHP lib?

or to rewrite everything (extern) by hand? it’s huge job.

although this URL can do what I want

but it’s not batch tool,I still need one by one to convert.

Here are the sources of that lib:
You can try and turn it into batch tool.

Currently there is not automatic extern generator for php target afaik. But I’m working on one and my plan is to finish it by the end of the summer.


sound’s great!

you can try my tool (but its not finished)

bx haxe index.php

nice ,hope you can finish soon.

@rivetweb @RealyUniqueName any progress? batch convert php to haxe extern?

I’m not certain of correctness - it’s likely the externs are very broken, but I’m sure it’s an improvement over nothing: I’ve pushed a PR to @RealyUniqueName’s peg repo that moves it towards creating some initial attempts at extern file generation for PHP code. Add basic extern files generation instead of dumping to stdout by diddledan · Pull Request #5 · RealyUniqueName/peg · GitHub

I’ve merged the PR, thank you!

I’m working on PEG in a branch to get it to the first release. As you can see by the commit history, I don’t have much time for it nowadays :slight_smile: But it’s not abandoned.

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