Arch package is outdated

The Arch Linux package is very outdated. I was wondering if anyone is willing to package latest Haxe for Arch Linux and Arch-based distributions? The guy behind the current package isn’t responding:

Problèm with packages is unless you are the maintainer you are always a tributary. For Arch I stopped using packages and use lix now, which takes a day or two to become familiar with but then you can download, switch between and keep as many haxe versions that you want, the same for libs, and it opens you fully replicable builds, and a new way to work with haxe.

I know that’s not the answer you were asking for, so you can just make a mental note about it for now, but if you like pacman chances are you would like what lix brings to you as well .)

An alternative is to extract the haxe tar.gz (possibly a dev build if you want really up to date) into /opt/haxe and have /opt/haxe/haxe and /opt/haxe/haxelib symlinked to /usr/local/bin, or add /opt/haxe to the path.

You don’t have the benefits of the package manager this way, but you can install any haxe version you want, and it easy/fast enough to do.