ApplicationMain.hx:321: characters 48-52 : Type not found : Main

hello, im a new coder on haxeflixel, and i’ve got this error.

ApplicationMain.hx:321: characters 48-52 : Type not found : Main

can you please help me?

I’m guessing your code says “new Main()” or “extends Main” or something like that on line 321. You need to ensure you have a class called Main somewhere in your project. If it’s not in the ApplicationMain.hx file or in the same directory you will need to tell the Haxe compiler where to find it. If it’s in your same code repository then an import statement at the top of the ApplicationMain.hx file would be needed. e.g.: import com.haxeflixel.gamedemo.Main; right after the package line. (that example line assumes you have folders named “com”, containing “haxeflixel”, containing “gamedemo” then Main.hx).
If your Main file comes from an imported library, you will need to install that library using Haxelib, e.g. haxelib install therequiredlibrary, then add it to your project.xml file in a line like: <haxelib name="therequiredlibrary" />.

Are you attempting to compile a demo of some sort? If you’re just getting into Haxe you should start basic to get familiar with the conventions Haxe uses, then move on to learning OpenFL before diving into HaxeFlixel.

Try building your project with the -clean flag. Or delete your export directory. Chances are that your export directory contains cached data that is out of date and needs to be updated. If you’re using VSCode, I recommend exiting and restarting VSCode after you do this.