Apache24 Haus wont run mod_tora2.ndll on Windows 10 x64

I just upgraded to Windows 10 x64 Home Edition and have come to discover that Apache2.4 Haus wont start when mod_tora is enabled to run mod_tora2.ndll. This is occuring on neko-2.1.0 & 2.2.0 atleast, though I was relying on neko-2.1.0.

This ran perfectly fine on Win8.1.

LoadModule tora_module /path_to/neko_mod_tora/mod_tora2.ndll
AddHandler tora-handler .n

I very much would like a confirmation as to this behavior as it’s very difficult for me to try to debug apache modules. I’m hoping to get a workaround going by running apache2 under Windows Subsystem for LInux, Ubuntu 18.04.

EDIT: Well I got neko working on WSL. Would very much like to get things working on native Windows 10 as it would be excellent to continue to have tora be a great target for game development.