Any decent haxe modes for Emacs out there?

I love - and use - VSHaxe, but I also use Emacs extensively for other languages (Ruby, Python). It’d be nice to have a decent Haxe mode for times I want to quickly edit a Haxe file or project in Emacs.

Any other Emacs users around here that could point me to the right direction?


Not an Emacs user, but perhaps you could get the Haxe Language Server to work with it. There seem to be at least two client implementations for the Language Server Protocol:

Besides VSCode, people have gotten it to work with NeoVim and Sublime Text before: Standalone usage of haxe-languageserver (Sublime Text, Neovim...) · Issue #171 · vshaxe/vshaxe · GitHub

There’s one now: GitHub - AlonTzarafi/battle-haxe: Full Haxe support inside Emacs: code completion, find references, Eldoc and more..., as announced in the last Haxe Roundup :slight_smile:

Is there syntax highlighting with it? I did M-x haxe-mode with a .hx file open but didn’t get any syntax highlighting.

The readme states there’s not, that the author has been using the one for js.

I have always used for simple syntax highlighting. No fancy compiler integration, but reasonable highlighting - better than using javascript mode.

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Oof. Should’ve looked more carefully. Thanks.