Announcing the First US Haxe Summit. Seattle, May 3-5 2018

We are happy to announce the inaugural US Haxe Summit which will take place in Seattle, May 3-5 2018. Come join us there!


I think this year we have to gathering with the accommodation and such to let maximum of developers to make it this year

Thanks for putting this so close. I’m looking forward to seeing how much the community has grown over the years.

I live in the area, so I can make some recommendations for accommodations.

The best bet is naturally the Seattle Hilton. Besides being the summit venue, it’s also very centrally located. You’ll be able to explore the whole city by light rail, bus, or even mono rail. I’m seeing prices around $230 per night there, and I bet they go up as the dates get closer.

There’s plenty of other similar options in the surrounding blocks. They currently run from the low $200s and up though, so you won’t find a significantly better deal nearby.

The other option is to rent out a 2+ bedroom AirBnB, and take transit in (walk, light rail, monorail, etc). Right now I’m seeing a lot of availability for multi-bedroom units close to light rail stations. If you can find a buddy to room with, I bet you end up with your own bedroom for around $100 a person. You’d have a 5 minute ride, or a 20 minute walk. Good neighborhoods to look include : Capitol Hill, University District, and Montlake. You could also take the monorail in by staying in Lower Queen Anne.

There’s a lot to do and see in the Seattle area, I’m really excited to have you all in the city, and happy to answer any questions.


AFAIK we have a discount deal with the Hilton. I’m sure we will begin ticket sales soon and by that time more details on the matter will be announced :wink:


I’m way excited about this! I really hope I’ll be able to go.

It will start very soon, watch the live stream on Haxe Videos - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

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