A small helper script for managing VSCode project

Hi guys!

Just thought I would share this helper script I made, for managing my Haxe/Heaps.io/CastleDB-based VSCode project:


Just drop it in the project root and set the various env vars to get started (’./apex.sh cfg’ will show some of the available vars and ‘./apex.sh’ will show help). Env can also be configured in a .env file, in the project root.

Primarily, this is helpful for generating source files for CastleDB. Other stuff is more for convenience. YMMV…


Note that you can also use Haxe to write scripts like this (using haxe --run <FileName> and a FileName.hx with a main()). Personally I much prefer that to Bash / Batch / etc for readability and IDE support. Also automatically makes it cross-platform. :slight_smile:

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I’ll have a look at converting it, then. I just started out with haxe, and it is an amazing platform which I will use a lot going forward :slight_smile:

You don’t necessarily have to convert it, it’s probably still perfectly usable in its current form (I guess it depends on how much you expect to still work on it / change it going forward).

I just thought I should mention the haxe --run feature, since it doesn’t get used enough in my opinion / not enough people know about it. And in the future, it should get even better once Haxe supports module-level functions, so less boilerplate will be required.